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Q 1. What do I need to bring to dog training classes?

All you will need is your dog, a lead preferably a 3m Halti Multiclip and collar and of course treats that will interest and motivate your dog.

Q 2. My dog is 5 years old he wont sit when I tell him. Is he too old to bring to dog training classes?

5 years is not that old and while it is proven that once adulthood is achieved, dogs do learn more slowly, it also greatly depends on the breed and how much training he has done in the past. Bring him along and just enjoy the interaction and all the fun. Even if your dog doesn`t end up Obedience genius you will learn valuable techniques to communicate with him.

Q 3. I have a young Border Collie who likes to chase cars. Is there anything I can do to stop this?

Border collies are working dogs, so no matter how much you walk them, they will still need a lot of mental stimulation. They either need to be given a job (buy a few chickens and teach the dog to mind them) or start going to Agility classes. Border collies can be quite obsessive, so you need to nip this behaviour in the early stages before it becomes a habit.
In short your dog is bored and a teenager so he`s making his own entertainment. You will need to find a way to keep him safe. You can fence in the garden, keep him in the house with you, or you can redirect his chasing behaviour towards  tennis balls or Frisbees rather than cars.

Q 4. My Cocker Spaniel won't come back to me when I call him at the end of our walks. It takes me ages to catch him to put him in the car. How can I get him to come when called?

Think of it from your dogs’ point of view. You call him . . . he comes to you . . . and you reward him for it by ending all the fun he was having. There are ways of retraining a dog to come but they need to be tailored to each specific case.. You can call him back a few times during the walk give him a reward and let him off again so that his fun continues. You can try calling him and then running in the opposite direction until he catches up with you then praising him for coming to you. You can even call your dog then crouch down behind something and hide letting him sniff you out. Then make a big fuss giving him lots of praise and treats when he finds you. In some cases you might even have to go back to basics and start teaching the recall with the use of a long line so the dog doesn’t have a choice about coming back to you when you call him. If a dog has become immune to the word “come” you will need change to a new command that specifically calls him outside when it matters

Q.5 My Jack Russell Terrier tends to be aggressive towards other dogs when I am out walking him on the lead. Would it be ok to bring him to dog training class?

Yes you can most certainly bring him. A lot of small terriers have simply been under socialised and with the help of the other dog owners in the group we can introduce him to leadless play and let him relax. He may also be protecting you in which case a few techniques in pack leadership could improve thing very quickly.

Q 6. My adult Larbador likes to jump up on visitors who call to my house. She is very strong and I am afraid she might knock somebody down. How can I get her to stop doing this?

This would require a house visit just to see the set up and enable us to design a ritual that you can enforce to change your dog's behaviour. It is a space and leadership problem quite common with big dogs

Q 7. My German Shepard pulls on the lead when we are out walking. How can I get her to walk nicely beside me without pulling?

Pulling is a very common problem in all dogs. Usually a result of inadequate training. When dogs are small or young it is easy to pull them along or hold them physically when they pull ahead but as time progresses it gets pretty annoying to constantly have to do battle. There are very easy solutions to this but one must be prepared to go right back to basics and start teaching the dog all about hierarchy in the pack where its position is and so on. Man-handling a Shepard is not usually a good idea as they are very sensitive dogs and respond well to whispers and rewards.

Q 8. My 4 month old puppy cries and barks when ever I leave him alone even for short periods of time. Why is this?

Dogs are pack animals so puppies don`t understand why you are not with them 24/7. They are lonely and feel abandoned hence the crying. If they see you as their mother try putting a worn sweatshirt into their basket so they are engulfed in your smell. You could also try sleeping them in one of those roofed baskets as they might feel safer in an enclosed space.

Q 9. What is the cost of dog training classes


We have a once yearly membership fee of €20 after that classes cost €5 each.








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